Before the session, your therapist will ask you how you are feeling and what your needs are for this session. You will then work together to determine what you will be working on for that session.

Your therapist will leave the room to provide you the privacy to undress down to your comfort level- underwear on or nude are acceptable for table massage- and will knock on the door first to make sure you’re ready.

Modesty and boundaries are highly respected. You will ALWAYS be completely draped throughout the session except for area being actively treated.

Your therapist may check in during the session to ask how the pressure is working for you; any feedback will improve your overall experience.

When the session is over, your therapist will once again leave the room for you to get dressed and will check in after to see how you’re feeling and to discuss future treatments. We encourage clients to ask any questions about the treatment process and to voice if something is uncomfortable.

All of our Massage Therapists are Licensed through the State of Michigan.

Alex Major, CMT, LMT

Alex graduated in September 2013 from The Institute for Massage Education in Kalamazoo and joined Lake Michigan Chiropractic in 2014. Straight forward and honest, Alex enjoys helping people obtain a new level of health and balance through massage. In her spare time, Alex enjoys working out, eating nut mix like a squirrel, and horses! Alex is available every day the office is open! She is also available the Saturdays we are open!

Kaitlin Walker, CMT, LMT

Kaitlin graduated in 2021 from the Creative Therapy School of in St. Joseph, and has been a Massage Therapist at a local spa ever since! She loves making people feel better which is why she became a Massage Therapist. Her massages typically are a combination of Swedish style & Deep Tissue massage. In her free time she loves to be outside…skiing, kayaking, swimming, etc! She has one pet, a lionhead rabbit named Mango! Kait is available on Monday and Tuesday afternoons!