“He got me from having to ice my back in between patients, taking 800mg of Motrin every 4 hours and 1000mg Tylenol every 4 hours for 6 months straight to not having to take any pain meds at all! I was being treated by a different chiropractor before Dr Kraig, but not getting better.” Dawn T, Benton Harbor, Dental Hygienist

“After a couple of weeks of regular adjustments with Dr. Kraig and one massage therapy appointment with Maria, my upper back pain has almost completely disappeared!!! I look forward to all of my visits with the friendly and helpful, caring staff at the office! Magic, I tell you!!!” Jen A, Bridgman, MI

“Dr. Kraig is the “flexible chiropractor.” Whenever I have needed immediate appointments or needed to change appointments, Dr. Kraig has been able to accomodate me. Dr. Kraig takes an interest in his patients and works with them to develop treatment plans. I have also found Dr. Kraig to be more gentle than other chiropractors while being just as effective. I have never needed pain medication after a treatment with Dr. Kraig.” Dustin K, Stevensville, MI, CPS Supervisor

“Dr. Kraig is personable and caring. He goes the extra mile, and will come in after hours when such a situation arises for a patient. He is there for YOU and YOUR health needs!” Gina B, St. Joseph, MI, Teacher

“My visits to Lake Michigan Chiropractic are a shining moment in my day. Dr. Kraig always has an uplifting word when I need it, in addition to the great chiropractic care he provides. As a new(er) mom and a regular runner, I find there are certain activities that set off my lower back pain, and having a small child on my hip most the day certainly doesn’t help. A visit or two to Dr. Kraig and I’m good to go again. As a mom, my schedule is very hectic, and I’m thankful for the flexibility the office provides when I need a last minute appointment. I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of the entire team, and I’m glad to be a patient at Lake Michigan Chiropractic!” Jessica R, St. Joseph, MI, Homemaker

“So glad I stopped in today. My splitting headache is now gone after an adjustment, a little rest, and some exercise. You always make things better Dr. Kraig! Merci.” Colleen E, Benton Harbor, MI, Teacher

“Friendly, reassuring and very professional… but also made me laugh because he knew I was nervous. I was impressed with his ability to explain the problems he saw and walked me through every step he was taking in the treatment process. Staff was courteous and willing to work around MY schedule, which you just don’t get these days! Highly recommended!” Angel M, Benton Harbor, MI

“After a history of automobile accidents, I have suffered from back pain for years. I have gotten some relief from chiropractic care in the past, but Dr. Kraig’s adjustments have helped me to be essentially pain free for the first time in 20 years!” Vickie G, Benton Harbor, MI, Office Manager